Burlesque Artist and Model Alive Inside

Lena Mae is mesmerising and explosive in equal measure! She oozes old Hollywood glamour and dazzles with her 100 Watt Smile! A wonderful performer and true professional
The Neon Moon Burlesque and Cabaret Club

A gorgeous and raucous rascal, headline act Lena Mae is pure crystallized lightning. More fun than a line of cocaine or a glass of champagne, she’s a beautiful little lady…dancing like a ten-foot titan. A titan that slinks, seduces, slithers and slides their way into your heart and mind and erogenous zones.

Lena Mae's sassy traditional elements of showgirl; the costumes, the bling, the smile, the reveal and her very modern use of music and themes; The Beatles, a frog, Metropolis, make her a joy for any show! Funny, sexy, clever, innovative are all words that are used about a lot of performers but are 100% accurate for Lena Mae and we should add - is always covered in glitter!
Kinky & Quirky - Devon

Lena Mae is the loveliest little lady to work with, a breath of fresh air from the very beginning. On stage she is an absolute sensation! Sweet, sexy, fiery and fabulous. 100% someone we could watch again and again! Complete perfection. Lena Mae - a true artist.
Boob Booby Doo Burlesque – Yorkshire