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Love Me or Die

A spooky, kooky, bump & grinder based around C W Stoneking’s story of a hoodoo curse by the same name, including elements of magic, an electrifying quick change and energetic tassel twirling.

Perfect if you're looking for *Spooky *Halloween *Dark *Magic *BumpnGrind *Unusual *Jazz *Louisiana *Hoodoo *Tassel twirling.

Lena Mae - Love Me or Die
White Feather Fan Dance

Dancing behind luxurious ostrich feather fans, Lena elegantly allows tantalising flashes of her pale skin, whilst cheekily interacting with the audience – a very classic act which can be performed to the track of your choosing. A 'PG' version is available by request.

Perfect if you're looking for *Vintage *Showgirl *Decadence *1920s-modern day *Great Gatsby *Charleston *Prohibition *Glamour *Golden Age *Classic.

Lena Mae - Fan Dance

A boisterous, fun, street dance infused tribute to one of Lena's favourite films, Rocky! Spanning the iconic training montage to the heat of the fight. Expect attitude and a hell of a shiner!

Optional 'ringside' sports bottle water cascade finale.

Perfect if you're looking for *1970s *Movie Theme *Boxing *USA *Street dance *America *Neo-burlesque *Fake blood *Attitude.

Lena Mae - Rocky
The Dirty Boogie

A full throttle, no nonsense, rock 'n' roll striptease! Lena shakes her thing and removes a stunning costume embellished with thousands of rhinestones.

Climaxing with an explosive, bubbling pink champagne finale - this is a sure fire showstopper! Alternatively a dazzling glitter-pour finale can be performed.

Perfect if you're looking for *BumpnGrind *Rocknroll *Rockabilly *Showgirl *Vintage *1950s *Celebration *Party *Striptease *Tassel Twirling *Glitter *Sparkle *Champagne.

Lena Mae -The Dirty Boogie

Inspired by the infamous 'Son's club' scene in Fritz Lang's 1927 epic 'Metropolis', Lena re-creates the Machine-woman's erotic dance performance. Featuring curious choreography taken straight from the movie and a beautiful silver and white costume - this is a simple and sinister striptease. (This dance is set to a modern soundtrack, but can be performed to original film score if requested with notice).

Perfect if you're looking for *1920s *Movie Theme *Sci-fi *Neo-burlesque *Spooky *Halloween *Vintage *Expressionist *Golden Age.

Lena Mae - Machinenmensch
Thin White Bones

The sad story of a sad girl. In character, wearing a tattered, threadbare gown Lena sings an original maritime ballad : a tale of love, loss and madness by the sea. Perfect for nautical, ghostly or darkly themed events. This is a non-strip act so is suitable for PG audiences.

Perfect if you're looking for *Sea Shanty *Nautical *Ghost Story *Spooky *Halloween *Non Strip *Variety.

Lena Mae - The Thin White Bones