Fashion-Related New Year’s Resolutions

Fashion-Related New Year’s Resolutions

Out with the old, in with the new, it's time for a fresh start! Every year we set up resolutions for ourselves, which are mostly the exact same ones as last year. Turning our resolutions actually into a habit or routine is often even more difficult than not buying that one item during the sales that has been on your wish list for months.

So how can we set new goals that have a bigger chance of getting fulfilled? Our main tip is to start simple, make it realistic and personal. Find yourself a partner in crime that wants to hold you accountable for your goals and plan monthly meetups to get back on track with your resolution. 

A common topic for New Year’s resolutions that has been getting more attention the past few years is regarding the fashion industry and we at LENA MAE are really happy about that. To give you some inspiration when setting your new goals, here are our fashion-related new year's resolutions that can help you to become a more conscious shopper. 

1-  Reviewing your clothes every two months. Reorganising all items so you know exactly what you have in your closet. Create new looks with your existing items. 

2- Finding a new home for items your didn't wear the past year. Organise clothing parties where your friends bring their clothes they want to exchange for some of your items. 

3- Giving yourself a monthly shopping budget. Start with making an overview of all monthly shopping expenses from last year and then set up a goal. In this way, you can save up for an item that's on your wish list for a long time, instead of continuously spending money on items you actually didn't really like or need.


If you plan and review your resolutions better, you’ll more likely stick to it and start to think about it when making future decisions. And hopefully you’ll be able to tell others about that resolution you made a few years back that you still stick to. 

Our clothes are meant to be loved for a long time. Don't wear it anymore? Please find a new loving home for your item. 

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