Wool garments and textiles are naturally odour resistant due to the fibre's unique properties. It has the natural capacity to recover and regenerate, simply airing the garment will refreshen it. Washing your wool garment less, will prolong the life of your garment significantly. We advice you to store your knit items laying flat to keep its shape for many years to come. 

Organic cotton

Organic cotton will last many years, with proper care. You can wash your organic cotton items but make sure to always read the care instructions on the label carefully. We recommend a machine wash on delicate cycle in cold water, or hand wash in cold water. We recommend not using liquid fabric softener on cotton. Re-shape your item while wet and hang or lay flat to dry to prevent shrinking. Organic cotton can shrink up to 5-10% of its size when exposed to high temperatures. Cotton will stretch when it is wet and shrink when it dries, so always make sure to re-shape the material after it is washed. This will ensure a long-lasting life.


Lyocell is a modified cellulose fiber with a lower-impact production process. This is a soft yet firm material that is widely known for its superior breathability, silk-like softness, lustrous sheen, and durability. Lyocell is generally easy to care for, but keep a few things in mind to enjoy your items as long as possible.  If there's a stain on your garment, use cold water and apply just a little bit of delicate detergent on the stain (try using baking soda or vinegar). Lyocell require less frequent washes because of its antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.  Simply airing the garment will refreshen it.


Modal is a highly sustainable fabric made from cellulose from beech wood. The modified spinning process of this fabric creates longer cellulose molecules with better properties, this makes modal an improved version of viscose. Modal feels soft and smooth and is similar in texture to silk. Modal has a luxurious look, but offers the benefits of cotton. Modal items can easily be washed using a gentle detergent. However, always read clothing care labels before washing, some might require the use of a mesh bag. If ironing is necessary, turn the item inside out before applying heat. Machine drying is safe if listed on the label, but be sure to remove immediately from the dryer after done.

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