our initiatives

  • RWS

    The wool we use in our products comes from non-mulesed sheep and is certified according to the Responsible Wool Standards (RWS), they ensure the wool comes from farms that have a progressive approach to managing their lands, practice holistic respect for animal welfare of the sheep and respect the five freedoms of animal welfare. Mulesing is a quick method of controlling flystrike in merino sheep, resulting in poor welfare both during and after the procedure and it is categorized as cruel and painful by PETA, who advise more humane alternatives.


    Sedex, or Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is a membership organisation dedicated to promoting ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. They provide practical tools, services and a community network to help companies improve their responsible and sustainable business practices, and source responsibly. It provides a platform for companies to share information and manage data related to labor standards, health and safety, environmental practices, and business ethics.

  • ETS

    The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETS) is an alliance of companies, trade unions, and NGOs working together to improve working conditions and labor rights in global supply chains. ETI sets out a code of labor practice based on international standards, such as those outlined by the International Labour Organization (ILO), and helps companies implement these standards through training, guidance, and collaboration.


    Deadstock is not an official certification but describes fabrics that are leftover and would technically go to waste but can still be used for other production. We use a lot of deadstock fabrics in our productions. It often occurs when manufacturers overestimate demand or when retailers cancel orders. Deadstock fabric is essentially surplus material that is still in usable condition but may be considered unwanted or leftover. This surplus material can be repurposed to minimize waste in the textile industry.


    OEKO-TEX Standard is a globally recognized certification system for textiles. It ensures that textile products are tested for harmful substances and meet strict safety and environmental standards. OEKO-TEX certification verifies that textiles have been manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals and that they are safe for human use. It provides consumers with confidence that the textiles they purchase have been produced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner.

  • GOTS

    GOTS certificate refers to the Global Organic Textile Standard certification. It's a leading global standard for organic textiles, ensuring the entire textile supply chain meets stringent environmental and social criteria. This certification guarantees that textiles are produced with organic fibers, free from harmful chemicals, and manufactured with respect for both people and the environment.